Smart Contracts
for Legaltech
Our Smart Contracts are computer programs that automatically execute,
control or monitor legally relevant transactions and actions
defined by a contract or a business agreement.
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SEIF’s Smart Contracts run on a consortium blockchain and can interact with any software platform.

Seamless integrations

Interact with hundreds of applications such as ERPs, Banks, Contract Lifecycle Management Software, CRMs, and more.

Fast adoption tools

Interact with web interfaces, mobile applications and other intuitive tools.

Software As a Service

SEIF’s Smart Contract application is a Software as a Service.


We´ve built smart contracts templates that are easy to use. Select a template for your particular use case, fill them with your own information and deploy them on blockchain in no time.

Want to know more about our product’s attributes?

Speed, efficiency, and accuracy

Once a legal department validates the contract, the contract will automatically execute its protocols. Because smart contracts are digital its business protocols are automated; there is no paperwork to process and no time to spend researching renewal dates, reconciliation, and many manual filling processes.

Trust and transparency

Smart Contracts do not require a third party’s involvement, and since all records are encrypted in the Blockchain, the information in them cannot be altered for personal benefit.


All documents and related transactions in the Blockchain are encrypted, which makes them practically immutable. Additionally, because each record is linked to a previous record on a distributed ledger, criminals would have to alter the entire chain to change a single record.


SEIF’s smart contracts eliminate the need for intermediaries to handle transactions, monitor renewals or extensions, and need large physical files.

Would you like to better understand the product’s benefits?

Blockchain Ecosystem

We´re building a blockchain ecosystem with our clients and their clients, and their suppliers, so we can offer you a truly decentralized blockchain

Private Blockchain

Deploy your own private blockchain with your clients and suppliers and build your own ecosystem, share information easy and super fast.

Master Nodes

You can operate a Master Node and earn revenue by validating transactions on our blockchain ecosystem

Unlock the power of blockchain in your business

A simple and powerful framework to create and deploy smart contracts

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