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Digital Ledger

A digital ledger keeps track of all of the transactions taking place on a peer to peer network


All information transferred is encrypted and every occurence recorded, meaning it cannot be altered


Information can be accessed only by the person with the approved credentials

More uses

More than a currency or payment system, It can be used for contracts, records keeping and other kinds of data can be shared

Create Smart Contracts the easy way

We´ve built smart contracts templates that are easy to use. Select a template for your particular use case, fill them with your own information and deploy them on blockchain in no time.

Let´s talk about blockchain in your business!
Real Business Use Cases

Smart Contracts templates built for real everyday use cases

With built-in compliance

Our smart contracts templates are built with legal compliance

Connect with APIs and Data feeds

Connect your smart contracts with API´s and data feeds from other applications

How it works

Create your smart contracts on a breeze with our easy to use editor and deploy on blockchain in no time

Blockchain Ecosystem

We´re building a blockchain ecosystem with our clients and their clients, and their suppliers, so we can offer you a truly decentralized blockchain

Private Blockchain

Deploy your own private blockchain with your clients and suppliers and build your own ecosystem, share information easy and super fast.

Master Nodes

You can operate a Master Node and earn revenue by validating transactions on our blockchain ecosystem

About our blockchain ecosystem

Cada vez más personas hacen negocios seguros con nuestra plataforma

Straight forward pricing

An unbeatable single fee, along with lots of options and possibilities.

Fund Manager
5% + Set-up Fee
  • Multiple users
  • 1+ beneficiaries
  • VC investment manager
  • Crowdfunding
1% Fee
  • Peer to Peer
  • Multisignature
  • Semi Automatic
  • *No intermediation
Supply Chain
3%+ Set-up Fee
  • Process manager
  • Transparent tracking
  • Management flow
  • API interaction

Unlock the power of blockchain in your business

A simple and powerful framework to create and deploy smart contracts

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